HVAC and Plumbing

Brewer Engineering Consultants can satisfy all of your commercial and industrial HVAC and plumbing design requirements.  The following is a partial list of areas where we have experience and offer engineering services:

Commercial HVAC design - Split systems, packaged rooftop units, central air-handlers, heating and cooling water loops, VAV systems, kitchen HVAC and exhaust, water source heat pumps, radiant flooring systems, perimeter hot water heating, and humidification systems

Industrial HVAC design - Infra-red radiant heating, tempered make-up air systems, general ventilation and exhaust systems, heat recovery systems, filtered air intake plenums, dust collection, moist air removal, space pressurization, and humidity control systems

Plumbing design - process waste, sanitary, domestic water, roof drainage, and water heating systems

System analysis - ASHRAE 90.1 analysis and review, equipment sizing and selection, HVAC load determination, retrofit feasibility studies, and project scope development
From commercial office space to industrial ventilation, Brewer Engineering Consultants can design an HVAC or plumbing system to meet your requirements and budget.